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The International Abilympics (lA) is held every four years in different conuntries worldwide, coordinated by the International Abilympic Federation (IAF) in partership with the Rehabilitation International (RI). Started by Japan to celebrate the International Year of Disabled Personsin 1981. it aims to raise    awareness on the employment of people with disabilities and has threefold feature:

  • Events/Competition of occupational and recreationa skills of PWDs
  • International Conference on Issues/Trends on Employment of PWDs
  • Exhibition/Exposition of Products of and Assistive Technology PWDs

The country's participation led by Abilympics Philippines Founded by Atty. Arturo A. Borjal in 1991 in collaboration with the NCWDP, DSWD, TESDA and DILG is summarized below:

1. IA '1981
Tokyo, Japan

PFRD President Charlotte Floro repressented the Philippines in the Conference

  • a hearing impaired Filipina joined the dressmaking contest
2. IA '1985
Bogota, Colombia

No delegation

3. IA '1991




Hong kong




-30 delegation coordinated by then newly organized Abilympics Philippines in cooperation with NCWDP and other agencies.


  • 1 bronze medal in Accounting Cycle
    Loreto Alog, Jr. , Region I

  • citations for Waste Reuse contest
    Valeriano Huit, Region XI
    Jose Macabutas, Region VI
    Miguel Dionisio, NCR
    Alex Capalihan, Region VI
    Mercy Angay, Region VI
    Eliezer Ynfante, Jr. , NCR

4. IA '1995





Perth, Australia




Country report presented by NCWDP Exec. Director Marita S. Capadocia


  • Bronze medal, Accounting
    Loreto Alog, Jr. Region I

  • Bronze medal, Billboard Advertising
    Renato T. Angat, NCR

  • Bronze medal, Waste Re-use
    Renato T. Angat, NCR

  • Bronze medal, Waste Re-use
    Jocelyn A. Geli, NCR

  • Bronze medal, Waste Re-use
    Cecilia V. Rigor (non-disabled), NCR

  • Bronze medal, Jewelry Making
    Rufino Humilan, CAR

5. IA '2000


Prague, Czech Republic


  • Country papers presented by NCWDP Director Suzette Agcaoili, TESDA Director Marta Hernandez & DSWD CAR Director Porfiria Bernardez


  • Gold medal, Waste Re-use
    Alma Mosote, CARAGA

  • Silver medal, Flower Arrangement
    Alma Mosote, CARAGA

  • Bronze medal, Cold Cooking
    Jocelyn De los Reyes, CAR

  • Bronze medal, Tie Dye Batik making
    Rufino Humilan, CAR

  • Bronze medal, Billboard Advertising
    Jaime De Leon, Region III

  • Bronze medal, Waste Re-use
    Jeadel Joy Agripo, Region XI

The Philippines ranked 8th in the overall medal standing.

6. IA '2003

New Delhi, India

Held in November 23-29, 2003 the country raked 6th in the overall medal standing of the 34 participating countries and won the following 7 major awards:

  1. Gold Medal, Painting (Oil)
    Jose Dela Cruz, NCR

  2. Gold Medal, Painting (Watercolor)
    Jose Dela Cruz, NCR

  3. Silver Medal, Floral Arrangement
    Manny Bagsit, Region IV

  4. Silver Medal, Waste Re-use
    Danilo Reuyan, Region IV

  5. Bronze Medal, Photography
    Dennis Balan, NCR

  6. Bronze Medal, Painting (Oil)
    Dante Porsuelo, Region VII

  7. Bronze Medal, Web Page Creation
    Ervin Reyes, NCR

In the "International Conference on Employment for Person with Disabilities" held simulataneously, TESDA-SSCO Director Augusto Capio presented a country paper on "Vocational Training and Employment of Persons with Disabilities: The Philippine Experience."

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