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How to use this site for Persons and Disabilities:

Here are some features of this site that are Disabled friendly:

  1. Use your keyboard to navigate through links and graphic images.

  2. All graphic images that appear in every page have the ALT tags which can be read by a Screen Reader Program.

  3. All the buttons used also have the ALT tags to explain what they are.

  4. The whole web site is consistent with designs and column positions. Every site is divided into four parts;
    1. The banner logo together with the Navigation buttons at the top;
    2. The navigation links at the left side colored brown with titles at dark brown which remain the same all through out the pages;
    3. The actual content that changes depending on the web page;
    4. And the bottom links, statements, and copyright.

  5. At the banner logo, simply press the enter key to go directly to the main content.

  6. The navigation links or breadcrumbs are located at the top of every content part for you to know at what part of the site you are in.

  7. A Navigation link at the bottom of every content part appears if you want to go to the previous page so you don't need to go back to the top part of the site or on the breadcrumbs.

  8. Another feature of this site is the extensive use of Cascading Style Sheets. If you will view the encoding source, the site is neatly arranged without the clutter of non-cascading style sites. Macromedia Dreamweaver is the web page editor used.

  9. The "D" hyperlink appears at the bottom of every comic strip describing every frame of the cartoon.
At the bottom part of the index page is the link where you can test if your site is accessible to People with Disabilities.
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Updated: May 2006

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