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ABILYMPICS PHILIPPINES, INC.S.E.C. Registration No. AN091-193003


To enhance the quality of life of persons with disabilities by promoting equality throught participation in innovative and rusiltating their intergration in the mainstream of society.


  1. To explore new and relevant approaches, ways and means to improve and expand work training  methodology and job opportunities for persons with disabilities;

  2. To tap the potentials of disagbled persons and to assist them in the development and improvement of  appropriate skills related to occupational, industrial, commercial, as well as leisure and livelihood activities;

  3. To encourage, motivate and stimulate among disabled persons the  willingness to participate and  contribute to the socio-economic development of society;

  4. To act as the umbrella organization in promoting, organizing and preparing representation at international events;

  5. To widen public awareness and understanding of the unique talents and capabilities of disabled persons;

  6. To provide the forum for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and programs of the national and international level, thus promoting world understanding and friendship;

  7. To extend collaborative techical assistance in the area of training and employment schemes for disable persons;

  8. To insure the support and involvement of government and non- governement and appropriate body sectors in the mission  and goals of abilympics;

  9. To establish and maintain contact with Abilympics International and all organizations concerned with Abliympics activities;

  10. To foster public awareness through integrated campaign with all multi-media resoureces;

  11. To insure the support and involvement of government and non-goverment sectors, entities in the mission and goals of Abilympics;  and

  12. To do and proform any othe acts and thing and to exercise any other powers which may be necessary and appropriate in order to accomplish the purposes for which the organization is organized.

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