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What is is the first paid domain name address used by Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf Foundation, Inc. (MCCID) which was purchased on August 31, 2000. It was been the official website address of the foundation for four years until February 2006 when it changed to indicating an established educational institution in the Philippines.

After 2006, the web address has been continued and maintained. It has been used to promote web accessibility in the Philippines. The logo of two hands with middle fingers aligning each other is the Filipino Sign Language for Internet or contact using the Internet.

The website also aims to help institutions in the Philippines with emphasis on Deaf foundations, non-government organizations and other disability groups have a web presence by designing a free website for them. As part of their thesis to graduate, MCCID deaf students are tasked to design their websites free of charge. Their websites are temporarily hosted here as long as they like or if they want to be transferred to a new home. The initial four institutions are:

  • Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf - This is the website of the first private school for the deaf which uses total communication as their mode of teaching. They teach from Preparatory to High School. The site was designed by the group led by Dianne Barcelona.
  • Abilympics Philippines - This non-government organization is tasked to train, prepare, fund, and send participants with a disability to national skills competitions as well as the International Abilympics Skills Competition. The site was designed by the group led by Enrique Relucio.
  • Deaf Evangelistic Alliance Foundation - This is the website of the first established college for the deaf in the Philippines based in Cavinti, Laguna. The site was designed by the group led by Nonito Visagar Jr.
  • Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center - This private foundation caters to the physical and rehabilitation needs of persons with disabilities in the Philippines. The site was designed by the group led by Daryl Pineda.

Three additional websites hosted

As of June 2008, three additional websites are again hosted by MCCIDONLINE.NET for free. These sites were designed as part of the thesis-program of MCCID students. The three new sites are:

Four new websites hosted

As of November 2009, four more additional websites are designed as part of the thesis-program of MCCID students. Three of them are hosted by MCCIDONLINE>NET while the other one is self-hosted. The four new sites are:

What is web accessibility?

Accessibility is about making your website available and understandable for everyone, including users with disabilities. W3 explains it in a great way at the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Visit the Wikipedia article on Web Accessibility Initiatives in the Philippines for complete detail on the history and events undertaken by the Philippine government.

You may also visit the excerpt of the article submitted by the webmaster in the Web Standards Organization website or go directly to this link at the MCCID Website.

What is Web Accessibility Designs Philippines?

This website helps in the promotion of web accessibility by designing websites for government and private institutions. As mandated by the Philippine government through a resolution approved by the board of National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP), an ad-hoc group of web designers led by the webmaster of this site is tasked to help in the training, designing, monitoring, and evaluation of websites in the Philippine government.

The latest initiatives and events made by the group as well as other activities of MCCID will appear here.

We will also feature here a list of the websites from the Philippines that complied with the Web Accessibility standards and/or awarded "Disabled Friendly Website" by the NCWDP and the National Computer Center (NCC). We will make some comments and analyses on the websites that we will feature.

What is the Philippine Web Accessibility Group?

After accepting the mandate of establishing the web accessibility ad-hoc group, a team of web designers formed a group and held its first initial and informal meeting at the NCWDP Office last August 11, 2006. The group agreed to adopt the name Philippine Web Accessibility Group or simply PWAG.

The initial members of the group and their expertise are as follows:

  • Mr. Lemuel L. Cabia - He is one of the web designers of De La Salle University Website and will be responsible for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Table Less Layouts. He volunteered to design the PWAG logo.
  • Mr. Rey Mendoza Jr. - He is previously one of the web designers of Dela Salle University and will deal with designing and lay-outing accessible websites. He also hosts Design Talk, a web blog that focuses on web accessibility.
  • Mr. Jojo I. Esposa Jr. - He is the web designer of MCCID and will focus on the introduction to Web Accessibility.
  • Ms. Lourdes R. Borgonia - She is the blind webmaster of ATRIEV and will explain Accessibility benefits for persons with disabilities.
  • Mr. Carlo Josef M. Costales - He is one of the web designers of the government's House of Representatives explains about government's best practices.
  • Mr. Ervin R. Reyes - He is the deaf webmaster of MCCID and will focus on the introduction to Web Accessibility. He is also the one who supervised the design of the free websites.

All the websites mentioned are recent winners of the "Disabled Friendly Award" given by the Philippine government.

Main Website: Visit the Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf (MCCID) Website for additional information!